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Coach Lyon, LLC

We are a non-RTFMT psychological and life coaching LLC that works with RTFMT for their military coaching. We have a PsychoNeuroBiological approach to coaching. We are 1 of a kind!

We understand that whatever your situation is, if is seemingly psychological, but we assess it is biological, then we take the steps with you in researching what you need and developing others areas of your life as a referral network partner such as a doctor, is doing their thing.


About Us

We find the root, rewire the Lion within, and inspirit

We pride ourselves on diligence and results-oriented quality, delivering the service in a classy way. Now that we said we do a PsychoNeuroBiological or psychosocial approach to coaching an individual or family, the other two things to cover are:

1. Is this a military service

And 2. Price.

  • Consultation is free, naturally:

  • Psychological questions & analyzing - $40 session

  • Coaching, no matter individual, couple, or family - $60 a session (up to 1.5 hours per session) (childcare is not provided)

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